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1. Tell me and send me a link of your work if you use one of my stock images; Either on the actual image or as a comment here. (I really like seeing what you create!)

2. Credit me as the model.

3. The images are for art purposes ONLY.

4. If using my image outside of DeviantArt, send me a note BEFORE posting. I like to know and see that I am still being credited. Please also upload to image onto DeviantArt if possible.

5. Do not replace my head for the head of another person in a photomanipulation. I find it beyond disrespectful. (The reason for this rule is that I literally spend up to 40 hours making a costume (ie. the red dress), hours more setting up a shoot, shooting and then post-work on the images before uploading. When you put that much work into a photograph, and then have your head changed to someone else so that they can "wear such a beautiful gown"... no. Make your own.)

6. If you plan to use a part of a photomanipulation (ie. skirt etc), and not the whole model image, please check with me first, for reasons above. I will get back to you usually within 24 hours.

Book Covers/ Commercial works
I have recently been asked about book covers. There are one or two small things that I would like to clarify

1. All the same rules from above apply.
2. Credit must be given to me in the front of the book (on that little page with all the credits - you know the one).
3. If a photographer is stated to be used, you must also credit them.
3. If there is a hard copy of the book, please send me a copy via post (and my photographer if it is not myself). As I do not ask for $$ payment, this is what I would consider to be payment for having my image used for the general public (from around the world) to see.
4. Also to be clear from the get go - I pride my stock as being free to use for everyone who follows my rules. Because of this, I will not make any of my stocks exclusive for book covers.

Stock & Resources

Do you have a geeky side?
Do you love getting dressed up in costumes (especially when they relate to a favourite movie, comic, game or anime)?
Do you like having your photo taken in costume?

Then you are most likely to be aware of the term 'Cosplay'.
And if you are reading this journal, you are most likely know what 'Stock' photography is also.
But hey, let's break it down (because these two categories have a lot in common, but also, have some big differences as well).

Kilik - Monkey King by AmenoKitarou Vanellope Von Schweetz by DreamOfDiscord
AmenoKitarou - DreamOfDiscord
Cosplay is a derivative of two words, Costume Play - because that is exactly what it is. You dress up in a costume to look like a character from a popular culture reference such as movies, tv shows, games, anime, manga or comic books.
However, it is much, much more than that for a lot of cosplayers.
Many cosplayers pour countless hours, money, blood, sweat and tears into creating their costumes from scratch in an effort to look next to identical to the character they are trying to portray. These pieces are truly works of art; and cosplayers are always push the limits and creating new techniques to make these characters come to life.
And there is no denying it - these cosplayers make for some great photo opportunities!

Shayma Preview by Tasastock Skydancer-Stock 4375 by skydancer-stock
Tasastock - skydancer-stock
(For the purposes of this article, 'stock' refers only to Deviantart stock images - not to be confused with stock images from commercial sites like shutterstock and istock)
Like cosplay, many stockers love getting into costumes (some of which are made by the wearer and have just had as many hours, money, blood etc. etc. as cosplayers). The difference is that stockers shoot stock photos with the aim of the image to be used in another artwork (ie. as a reference for a drawing, or in a photomanipulation etc.). They may look like a cosplay on first glance, but aren't necessarily based on any particular pop culture reference... mostly, it is just a theme.

So, how do we tell them apart?
She stock 3 by charligal-stock
There is no denying it, there is a massive cross over between cosplay and stock.
HOWEVER, it is important to remember that stock photos are designed to be used by other artists, and cosplay photos are the end product (they are NOT to be used as stock, unless permission is given by the cosplay artist)
On DA, it is relatively simple.

If the image is posted under 'Resources & Stock images', it is a stock image.
(AKA, go ahead, use it and follow the stocker's rules)
If the image is posted ANYWHERE else on the site, ie. 'Photography' or 'Artisian Craft', it is not a stock image.
(AKA, if you want to use the image, you need direct confirmation from the cosplayer that you can alter their uploaded image - and some may very well say no. Be ready for this and don't be offended.)

RANDOM: I'm a photographer and I see all these AMAZING costumes/ cosplayers - can I upload it as stock?
Hungarian Archer 13 by syccas-stock Luthien 6 by Jaymasee
syccas-stock - Jaymasee
If the model is not you, or someone who has given you expressed permission to use their image as stock (ie. they have signed a model release with the explanation of how their image might be used), you are not allowed to upload their image.
I mean, come on, imagine a shy young lady dressed in a beautiful fantasy garb. You snap their image, think the image is great and upload it as stock. Someone comes along, sees the image and puts it on a best seller novel front cover. Suddenly that shy girl's face is everywhere and she didn't even know the photo was taken or gave consent for her image to be used in that way.
Law suit anyone?
In short, appreciate the cosplay/ costume; respect the artist.

Overlap of cosplay and stock
There is no denying it, there is an overlap for sure between cosplay and stock - I mean, there are quite a few cosplayers who are also stockers. So let's break it down (and as we are geeks, let's do it in 'levels')

Level 1: The inspired
Daenerys10 by faestock Daenerys Targaryen 6 by Mirish
faestock - Mirish
This level is for those who love a character (in this case Daenerys from Game of Thrones) and do an inspired set from that character. It's not directly that character, it could be used as a different character in an artwork, but it still evokes the same emotions (and is a great way to express some geek loving)

Level 2: The reworker
Snow White Stock 2 by ClaimYourself Cupcake 1 by kirilee
ClaimYourself - kirilee
This level refers to those who take part of a cosplay (either the concept or physically part of the costume), and mix it around with other elements. For example here we see a slightly more pin up version of snow white, and the skirt used of a anime based cosplay mixed with a different bodice.
These allow for a new character to emerge, while still embracing roots from the original character.

Level 3: The cosplay stock
Megara Historical cosplay by Elisa-Erian Jedi Stock III by PhelanDavion
Elisa-Erian - PhelanDavion
These images are where cosplay and stock meet and have a drink together - recognizable characters from popular culture, uploaded and available for use as stock images. Just be aware though, if you do upload this type of stock, you should give credit to the original character.

So go forth cosplayers and stockers alike! Embrace your inner geek!


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